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How we motivate students

Here are some of the ways that we encourage students to jump right in and start writing:
We use prompts
Branching interview questions help students choose topics to write about and stay focused on a central idea. When the student answers a question, more questions often pop up to encourage deeper thinking.
Branching questions.png
Students choose their own path
At each step, students choose a minimum number of questions from a menu of possibilities, so they can follow their interests.
Question choice.png
Essays are organized automatically
The student's answers are categorized into an outline with section heads, showing them how their ideas fit into an overall structure.
Blank outline.png
Students can see their progress
Progress bars give students a sense of how much work is expected and how much they have completed. 
Progress bars short story.png
Audio supports the text
Students can listen to the questions, speak their thoughts, then listen to the drafts they create.
Dictation and speech.png
ELL students can translate
Teachers can turn on Google Translate for individual students and specify their languages.
Google Translate dropdown Spanish.gif
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