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6th grade teacher in Acton MA

In similar brainstorming activities in class, usually just the same old kids contribute to the conversation. Topical Storm gave me insight to every single student's mind. Hooray!!! Deep thinking is half the battle.

4th grade teacher in Walpole MA

My struggling writers wrote more, and were more engaged while generating their stories WHICH...IS...AWESOME!!!  I feel your program is a worthwhile tool for all, but especially for students who struggle with brainstorming on their own, or working independently.

Emotional health surveys and journaling apps for Grades 3 through 8


Morning, Afternoon, Friday, and Monthly Check-Ins

Self-assessment of SEL Skills such as Grit and Growth Mindset

Math Feelings Survey: What are your strengths and motivations?

Prompt-driven writing

Life Skills SEL journal: Explore personal concerns

Transitioning to Middle School

Personal narrative

Short story


Friday Reflection

This survey gives students a chance to look back over the week and answer questions like:

  • What is one thing you completed or learned this week that made you proud of yourself? 

  • What is one thing you want more help with?

  • What book are you reading? What has happened so far in the book?

  • Share a fun fact about yourself that I don’t know.

  • Is there anything else you want me to know?

Math Feelings Survey

Academic learning can also involve strong emotions such as performance anxiety. This survey asks students to answer 15 multiple-choice questions about their interest in and confidence level with math. Some examples:

(Very true; A little true; Not true)

  • I enjoy learning math.

  • It bothers me to get a wrong answer.

  • I like to figure things out on my own.

  • I can learn from other students.

  • Students who get better grades than me are smarter than me.

Math Feelings plot.png

SEL Self-Assessment

This multiple-choice survey helps students reflect on their own skills in the areas of:

  • Grit

  • Growth Mindset

  • Regulating Emotions

  • Self Expression

  • Gratitude

Data from this survey lets you track how these skills develop over time, for the whole class and for an individual student.

Topical Storm - SEL survey results.png

Life Skills SEL Journaling

This app asks students to choose either a problem, or a focus of gratitude, and explore possible strategies.

Life Skills topics.png

Each session creates an essay describing issues, feelings, and ideas for next steps.

Life Skills example question.gif

You see all the data

Data from these surveys and journaling apps provide insight into your students' thinking:

MSA kinds of activities.png

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