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How we help teachers

When students write essays and answers surveys, they generate data:
Data on interests.gif
The essays themselves provide insight into student needs because of the introspective and reflective nature of the questions.
What suggestion do you have.gif
In addition, the program has many built-in ways to leverage your time in managing a classroom of writers:
Notice who's having trouble, and help them out silently
Your dashboard shows you how long it has been since each student has touched their essay.
See who is stuck.png
You can help a student out by sending them a note within their writing session.
Teacher note.png
Track student effort and mastery of individual skills
The program keeps track of how much students write, how often they edit, and how they score on custom rubrics of your own design.
Support 13 - Teacher assessment track sk
Support three levels of ability in the same classroom
Questions are delivered at three levels of difficulty according to the proficiency level that you set for each student.
Level 1
Question level 1.png
Level 2
Question level 2.png
Level 3
Question level 3.png
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