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Your students have a lot to tell you.

Topical Storm's "Morning Check-In"  shows you what each of your students is thinking and feeling each day.

FREE for classroom use!

3rd grade teacher in Walpole MA

The data provided by a quick “daily check in” has been profound. I am quickly able to identify students needing a little “extra TLC”. It also has strengthened my relationship with students as they are beginning to open up more in this risk-free zone. It has been a game-changer in the way I begin each day!





How Morning Check-In works

1. Students quickly select the image that represents how they feel this morning.

2. They type a brief response to explain their choice.

Student check-in question 2.PNG

This takes students less than a minute each morning.

As the teacher, you can log in right away and see data for the whole class:

Classroom data only.png

Clicking a student displays a full history for that student, so you can look for patterns:

Morning Check-In is in its third year of keeping teachers in touch with their students. It's free, strictly private, and does not impact your day.

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Steve Herbst



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