Digital journaling for emotional support

Topical Storm is a FREE program for K-8 that lets students explore their ideas and emotions while giving teachers data to better understand each student. 


3rd grade teacher in Walpole MA

The data provided by a quick “daily check in” has been profound. I am quickly able to identify students needing a little “extra TLC”. It also has strengthened my relationship with students as they are beginning to open up more in this risk-free zone. It has been a game-changer in the way I begin each day!

6th grade teacher in Acton MA

In similar brainstorming activities in class, usually just the same old kids contribute to the conversation. Topical Storm gave me insight to every single student's mind. Hooray!!! Deep thinking is half the battle.

4th grade teacher in Walpole MA

My struggling writers wrote more, and were more engaged while generating their stories WHICH...IS...AWESOME!!!

I feel your program is a worthwhile tool for all, but especially for students who struggle with brainstorming on their own, or working independently.

SEL-based journaling exercises help students express their emotions and find coping strategies:

Life Skills example question.gif

These journaling exercises and surveys produce data about your students' needs:

Data from Daily Check In.gif

If you're a teacher, you can use these tools for free. Contact us below.


The hardest part for many student writers is getting started. We help students develop their own writing ideas so they can get past the dreaded blank page. See more...


By asking strategic questions, Topical Storm helps students start writing and keep writing with less of your direct support. 


With classes of 20-30, how can one teacher reach every kid every day? Our dashboard lets you see who is getting stuck and send them a silent note.

See more...

Made for grades 3-8

Lessons adapt to three levels of student proficiency.

Write across genres

Students can write personal narratives, arguments, informative essays, and short stories.

Lots of supports

Scaffolding includes dictation, text-to-speech, sentence starters, language translation, and a long list of other supports.

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