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Your students have a lot to tell you.

Topical Storm's "Morning Check-In"  shows you what each of your students is thinking and feeling each day.

Introductory version is FREE to teachers and schools.

3rd grade teacher in Walpole MA

The data provided by a quick “daily check in” has been profound. I am quickly able to identify students needing a little “extra TLC”. It also has strengthened my relationship with students as they are beginning to open up more in this risk-free zone. It has been a game-changer in the way I begin each day!

How Morning Check-In supports your SEL program

Students quickly select the image that represents how they feel this morning.

They type a brief response to explain their choice.

Morning check in Q2.png

You can instantly see what's happening with all of your students, or view history for one student.

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