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Your students have a lot to tell you.

Topical Storm's "Morning Check-In"  shows you with absolute privacy what each of your students is thinking and feeling each day.

It's like having a morning paper that's filled with news about your students.

FREE for classroom use in 2024/2025.

3rd grade teacher in Walpole MA

The data provided by a quick “daily check in” has been profound. I am quickly able to identify students needing a little “extra TLC”. It also has strengthened my relationship with students as they are beginning to open up more in this risk-free zone. It has been a game-changer in the way I begin each day!

4th grade teacher in Walpole MA

The relationships I have developed w my kiddos is so strong due to the daily checkins. I know more about them in a faster private way. They light up when I comment on something special they have posted to Topical Storm. It's a game changer for relationship building.

5th grade teacher in Littleton MA

The kids have really enjoyed the morning check-ins and it's been so insightful to me as well.





6th grade teacher in Arlington MA

Using Topical Storm as a daily check-in activity has proven to be highly beneficial for my students as well as myself because it has enhanced emotional awareness by providing a platform for students to express their feelings and emotions in a safe and supportive environment. This daily check-in activity helps students develop self-awareness and recognize the impact of their emotions on their learning and overall well-being.

4th grade teacher in Walpole MA

I have to say I love the program and gain valuable insight into how my students are really feeling! Just recently I was able to "pull" student reported feelings for our school's guidance counselor so she could help a student work through some things he was dealing with at home.

Counselor in Middleton MA grades 3-6

The adults have all agreed that the information we have collected has been useful for connecting with students. Sometimes those students who aren't comfortable verbalizing feelings have been able to write them down. We have noticed patterns with a few, and we have learned about some classroom dynamics that we may not have known previously.

How Morning Check-In works

1. Students quickly select the image that represents how they feel this morning.

2. They type a brief response to explain their choice.

Student check-in question 2.PNG

This takes students less than a minute each morning.

As the teacher, you can log in right away and see data for the whole class:

Clicking a student displays a full history for that student, so you can look for patterns:

School counselors, psychologists, and administrators with appropriate access can view and download data from selected classrooms or the entire school.

How does Morning Check-In benefit students?

  • A moment of introspection in the morning (like a mini-meditation) helps foster the core SEL skill of self-awareness.

  • For troubling emotions, it lets the student vent and reach out for assistance.

  • For positive emotions, it enhances gratitude by asking the student to explain.

  • Every student has an equal opportunity to be heard and seen, which is difficult to achieve person-to-person in a busy classroom.

How does Morning Check-In benefit educators?

  • The daily report shows which students need extra TLC that day.

  • History for a classroom or individual student highlights and explains trends.

  • The data provides evidence in the student's own words to support needed services.

Morning Check-In is in its third year of keeping teachers in touch with their students. It's free, strictly private, and does not impact your day.

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