Teacher Quotes

This is an amazing program. The kids love using it and the results are pretty amazing! (teacher) said her students have been so invested in writing because of it! She was mentioning the other day HOW MUCH MORE writing the kids are doing when using TS.  The volume of words has increased which can be troublesome for many students. The prompts seem to be really helping!

- Digital Learning Coach in Walpole MA​

Our students love Topical Storm and it makes the process of working on writing much more enjoyable.

- 5th grade teacher in Scituate MA​

I feel the program will have benefits for 21st century learners. These students are more engaged when using computers and they will be using them to complete the majority of their writing throughout their lives. I believe Topical Storm will assist in developing skills needed to meet the ever more demanding educational standards.

- 4th grade teacher in Milford MA​

My struggling writers wrote more, and were more engaged while generating their stories WHICH...IS...AWESOME!!! I feel your program is a worthwhile tool for all, but especially for students who struggle with brainstorming on their own, or working independently.

- 4th grade teacher in Walpole MA​


I looked into my students' minds ... not just surface area thoughts ... I saw some unique perspectives that I would not otherwise ever know were going on in the deep, dark depths of the 12-year old minds. In similar brainstorming activities in class, usually just the same old kids contribute to the conversation. Topical Storm gave me insight to every single student's mind. Hooray!!! Deep thinking is half the battle.

- 6th grade teacher in Acton MA​

I am certainly pleased with the idea-generating aspect of Topical Storm. It made my reluctant writers more confident.

- 4th grade teacher in Walpole MA


What's nice about Topical Storm is real-time follow-up questions in the moment that get them to think further when they're stuck.

- 8th grade teacher in Acton MA​

Student Quotes

Third graders in Malden MA:
  • Thank you for the excellent and amazing program Topical Storm because now I can realize how good I am at writing. And my favorite thing about Topical Storm is that we get to make our own stories.

  • The way how I use it is like I write my ideas down and then you can look back at your ideas and then you now what to write about in the story. Your program is important because it helps you organize all of your ideas to make a perfect story and it is fun wile you write your story. My favorite thing about this program is all the questions that it says that you can choose to answer.

  • One thing that I liked about the program is that you can make a story and be creative. I also like that you can write about anything!

  • It is so fun for me to make a story and frame the main character.

  • My favorite thing about Topical Storm is that when you finish your story you can read what you wrote. If I forgot to add details I go to the sentence and fix it.

  • My favorite thing about it is that i can write about anything i want.

Fourth graders in Milford and Walpole MA:
  • It was helpful to me to help plan out my ideas.

  • It was good because it makes me think of all the important details.

  • It was awesome. When you gave me some of question it make me have a lot of great and wonderful thoughts.

  • Nothing was challenging this program is awesome! Can you make this for everybody please.

  • The thing that was tough for me was figuring out what word to use instead of get.

  • I really loved how they gave us questions and how it wasn't slow. I also liked that this was a rough draft and it wasn't just a final draft. This helped me a lot so anyone who has not used it yet they should use it.

  • That the questions help me remember what happened.

  • What I liked the most is that it organizes your text.

  • I like if I used a dead word it helped me get rid of it to make my story better and it gave me some words to help.

  • I like that it makes you go back and make it not boring.

  • I would say it helps you get through things that you want to get off your chest.

  • I liked that I could skip the question that I didn't want to answer.

  • I would tell them this program is really good at keeping you focused on your main idea. I think its a great program you should try it.

Sixth graders in Acton MA:
  • I really do enjoy filling in all of the checklists things and answering the questions.       I really think that topical storm is a very productive and fun way to write an essay.

  • I would definetly use a program like this again because it really makes you think about what you are writing about.

  • I would use this program again because it comes up with ideas that I would have not come up with.

  • I would use this web site agen because never befor have i been able to make a first draft of an essay in a single day before. Thank you!